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Hi there, my dear and welcome! We brought you some amazing scene starring two hot mormonboyz who will stretch each other’s ass only for your viewing delight. Watch Berry and Elder Steward who will suck and fuck for you tonight. Berry has this mission and he will be tested by Elder Steward. It seems like his ass is ready for anything after this hot fucking. Watch and drool!


Berry always loved cock more than anything and he will take a hard one any time of the day. Tonight he will get tested by horny Steward, so he’ll have to spread the buttocks and the lips for his throbbing cock. Just make yourself comfortable and watch that barely legal guy receiving a nice fucking, then also stretching one tight hole. His performing was simply amazing, so don’t miss him sucking on Elder Steward’s cock right before he’ll spread the buttocks for him. That hungry stud will go balls deep inside his small hole, then he’ll also offer his ass for a nice hammering. Some creamy jizz will moisturize his barely legal face for the great ending. See you all next time for a brand new mormon boyz update, you little perverts. But until then, you can visit the site and see some horny latino guyz fucking one another!

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MormonBoyz – Assitant to the President

Hey there guys and gals. As always you came to the right place if you want to enjoy some more mormonboyz goodies this afternoon. We can see another one of the lading men from the sect getting to have some fun with his helper in this scene and there’s no reason why you should miss it. You see, all presidents have their own assistants and it seems that this one needs the help of his assistant especially for the afternoon. He has a very difficult assignment that only he can help with and it involves pleasure and his bedroom. Be sure that the guy doesn’t scoff at having the president’s cock taken care of with his expert skills so there’s quite a lot to see today!

As soon as the cmaeras roll you can see that the two are already in the guy’s bedroom and all naked. The assistant gets to take that cock and start working it with his hands and tongue first to get it nice and hard. Sure enough it doesn’t take him too long to do it either and then he takes his spot on top. Just sit back and watch the buy’s ass getting stretched nicely by a big cock. To end it all perfectly you get to see him pulling out and sucking some more cock while he fingers his ass and makes the guy shoot a load in his mouth which he swallows it all. Have fun with their scene and see you next week with a brand new one like always guys and gals. Check out slutty Hazel Tucker‘s blog if you wanna see a hot tranny sucking cocks!


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After Hours

Another fresh week and of course, another new mormonboyz update is here for you. As you know, this is always the best place to visit if you want to see some sexy guys getting wild when they should be doing some studying, but in the end it’s all good. There’s always a scene featuring hot hunks getting to fuck one another nice and hard and sometimes they come back for seconds as well. Anyway, in this scene we get to show off another trio that’s eager to have some sex and they made what is, probably the best threesome fuck that you will ever get to see. So let’s not waste time and just get to see them in action!

mormonboyz-after-hoursAs we mentioned previously, they were suppose to do other things. But horny studs will be horny, so there was nothing to stop them from fucking each other nice and hard through the whole thing. Of course one had the honor of being on the receiving end so of course, you get to see the guy sucking lots of cock before getting to take it in the ass. Check him out orally pleasing his buddies and making sure that they’re rock hard and then see him lay on his back as he lets the other studs take turns to plow his ass balls deep today. Do take your time to visit more of the past mormon boyz scenes too and you get to see even more great and superb updates! Also you might visit the Hazel Tucker site and see a hot tranny getting her tight ass stretched by big cocks!

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Bishop Angus

Mormonboyz is back just as always with more new scenes for you to see and enjoy. This week we get to see the hot and sexy muscled stud named Angus as he gets to initiate a newcomer to his little cult and you get a prime view of his perfect technique today. As you can probably bet, he’s never taking in guys that aren’t willing to listen to him and this guy that he was with him today seems to be quite smitten by his burly man looks too. That’s just how he likes it though and he makes sure to reward his followers nicely with his big hard cock every time that they are deserving of it. Let’s see how he handles this new guy and see the result!

mormonboyz-bishop-angusThe mormon boyz scene starts off with the good bishop Angus as he gets to his room and following suite after him is the fresh ass. Well, the guy was already naked and Angus sat on the side of the bet and waited for the stud. He needs to undress the guy if he wants his hole treated nicely today and after he gets the guy nude and they get on the bed, you can see the stud sucking that big cock that Angus possesses with a passion to get it hard. And then of course, you can see him pounded doggie style right in the ass for the rest of the scene. Amazing gallery overall and who knows, maybe bishop Angus will have more scenes for you too see in future updates! If you wanna see some big cocked shemales having sex, visit the site! Have fun!

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MormonBoyz – Bonds of brotherhood

Welcome to an all new and hot mormonboyz update everyone. As you all know, the bonds between us is what makes us strong and capable of pulling though a lot. In the case of these two, it’s what makes them fuck like rabbits in heat every time they get the chance to. The title couldn’t be more descriptive of these two hot studs that you can see today and they have a lot to show you in this scene. Oh, be sure that we want to have them here and do more superb sessions with one another as soon as possible and this is just the start. Let’s not waste any more time and just get to watch the amazing mormon boyz fucking hard for your entertainment today!

The scene pretty much starts with them already in the room and getting busy. And with that you get to enjoy one superbly hot and sexy strip tease session made by these two hot and sexy hunks today. They only things that they keep on are the socks and the underwear. and even then, you get to see the muscled studs’ pants get pulled down when the other guy whips out his mighty hard cock. You can then see him moan in pleasure while his cock gets some luscious lips wrapped around it and worked until it unloads all the cum on the guy’s face too. So take your time to enjoy it thoroughly this afternoon and we’ll be back next week with another one for you!


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Companionship Inventory

Another fresh week and it’s time to check out some more mormonboyz in action. Well this one brings you two guys that were suppose to get busy this afternoon with other things but it seems that they got really side tracked. Naturally, that side tracking involves some hot gay sex and we know that you will just adore it too. Long story short, they were suppose to inventory the back room and see what supplies they needed during the meeting. They went for it no objections as it provides some time away from the boring meeting. So let’s see these two mormon boyz in action in that back room, getting to do what ever they want without getting disturbed.


Like we mentioned, the rest of the attendees were not going to disturb them so the two had all the time in the world to do what ever they felt like in there to be honest. They lock the door of course and they find a nice comfy bed inside as well. After some undressing and the classy caressing, you can watch them going wild on each other’s cocks. Sit back and see the great scene with them as they get to suck each other’s  man meat for a ling while and then you can have the pleasure of seeing some hard style anal action getting done as well by the end. Superb scene and do make sure to check out some of the past galleries as well for more sexy studs fucking hard!

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MormonBoyz – Companionship Study

This week’s mormonboyz update is as always, super hot and brings you some hot studs getting kinky just as always. Now you may wonder, what’s a companionship study? To put it bluntly is the gatherings that these guys have sometimes with just two people or so as they get to read the great book and study some philosophy and stuff. Well you know how horny the hunks around these parts are, so naturally, studying is the last thing on their mind. Well, to their standards, the companionship study means that they have a nice excuse to take their time and fuck all afternoon long. Something that these two studs right here did plenty of for the cameras and you to see of course!

Well, as it gets started you get to see the guy with the glasses knock on the door of his buddy. He arrived for the “companionship study” thing and he was right on time. That’s because his fuck buddy was getting more and more horny and was just about to let himself do some jacking off to please himself. No worries. They go straight to the guy’s room and you can see the guy with the glasses sucking passionately on some cock. Then he bends over and takes that anal plowing doggie style as the other guy pounds his ass. Do enjoy it everyone and be sure that there will be more in future updates to see as well. Meanwhile stay tuned and try to catch them all!


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Companionship Study Part 2

Today it’s time to continue the mormonboyz action scene that took place some time ago. These two guys you have seen back then as well, and as you know, they were down to do some studying, but they ended up doing more kinky things instead with one another. In this scene it’s basically another attempt at doing some studying, but we bet that you can already tell that that wasn’t the case for this one either. The two studs just couldn’t help themselves from staying off one another and of course that just makes for a very very entertaining scene to watch. So let’s get it started to see the two in some kinky action for this sizzling and smoking hot update!


Today’s scene starts with one of the guys answering the door to greet his fuck buddy of course. They go to the living room and once there they pull out the books that they are suppose to be reading. Well sure enough, before they even knew it, some gentle touching, lead straight to some passionate kissing and caressing and of course undressing as well. Watch as the host gets to suck the cock of the guest in this one to make sure that it’s nice and hard for his ass and then see him taking his spot on top to take a anal pounding for the rest of the amazing scene today. Do watch it and and we’ll be back with another new one for you next week!

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MormonBoyz – Correlation Meeting

Hey there everyone. We’re back as per usual with some new mormonboyz updates. Well this is actually a bit out of the ordinary as it differs just a little bit from all the other updates here. Until now you got to always see some superb and sexy one on one anal action with these guys, but we decided to spice things up a bit around the place. So this scene features a incredible update with no less than three guys getting naughty and nasty with each other. It’s the first threesome that we have here for you and we know that you will enjoy it. So let’s not delay and see the three mormon boyz getting kinky with one another just for you and the cam!

They get to go at it in the living room and be sure that they make generous use of the comfy, black leather couch this fine afternoon. Let’s take the time to see them starting off their fuck session with a mighty fine does of cock sucking. Of course one guy gets the pleasing in both holes for the afternoon so he gets to have the honor of sucking the other two studs off to make sure that their cocks are hard and lubed too. Watch him getting fucked in the ass with his legs spread, while he continues to suck the other guy off in this scene. It’s one amazing double fucking scene and you shouldn’t miss it for the world everyone. See you soon!


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Mormon Inducted

Hey there guys, we’re here with all new mormonboyz updates for you to see. And just like always, this new scene features a new pair of studs that get to be horny and kinky on cam while showing off what they’ve got fully in their scene just for you. Let’s meet the two as they have never met before today either. This new guy got introduced to the older and it seems that chemistry worked for them right on the spot. And of course, it doesn’t take them long to retreat to the private room for some one on one special action with each other and we bet that you guys want to see what went down with the two as well. So let’s just kick things off!


As the cameras start to roll, the two just make their entry to the said room and it seems they were already busy tending to one another’s bodies, undressing each other and caressing too. By the time they get to the bed they are all nude and you can watch the studs doing a nice sixty nine sex session to suck each other off and get one another rock hard for the next part. Then you get to enjoy the view of the new guy as he gets bent over and has his tight ass fucked nice and deep by the mature guy. Great scene with them and we’re sure that they will come back in another new scene in the future. Until then enjoy it and have fun with this one!

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