Companionship Study

This week’s mormonboyz update is as always, super hot and brings you some hot studs getting kinky just as always. Now you may wonder, what’s a companionship study? To put it bluntly is the gatherings that these guys have sometimes with just two people or so as they get to read the great book and study some philosophy and stuff. Well you know how horny the hunks around these parts are, so naturally, studying is the last thing on their mind. Well, to their standards, the companionship study means that they have a nice excuse to take their time and fuck all afternoon long. Something that these two studs right here did plenty of for the cameras and you to see of course!

Well, as it gets started you get to see the guy with the glasses knock on the door of his buddy. He arrived for the “companionship study” thing and he was right on time. That’s because his fuck buddy was getting more and more horny and was just about to let himself do some jacking off to please himself. No worries. They go straight to the guy’s room and you can see the guy with the glasses sucking passionately on some cock. Then he bends over and takes that anal plowing doggie style as the other guy pounds his ass. Do enjoy it everyone and be sure that there will be more in future updates to see as well. Meanwhile stay tuned and try to catch them all!


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