MormonBoyz – Elder Kimball

Hello, everyone! Mormonboyz are back and we hope that you are ready to be amazed by their skills once again. This video is going to made you want to join these two naughty guys, we are sure of it. Our mormon boyz for today’s update are two old friends that decided to try something new because their wives were out of town. They always kind of liked each other but it was very hard for both of them to admit it. Finally one of them had the courage to tell the other one about his feeling and all this led to a nice and great fuck that you are going to enjoy just by clicking on that big play button on the screen!

As our cameras start to roll you will see that these two were kind of tense so they decided to try some red white because the atmosphere was kind of dense. You can feel the sexual tension between them and it does not point for them to deny anymore that they are attracted to each other. Soon they start by kissing slowly, enjoying every inch of each others mouth and slowly the clothes start to be removed. They are hot, naughty and can not wait to get inside each other. They want to feel good and they want to feel it deeply. If you want to see more of this just make sure to take your time and you are not going to regret it. Enjoy!


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