The New Name

Today we return yet again with some more all new and all fresh mormonboyz scenes for you to see and enjoy. And obviously, there’s another more experienced stud showing the ropes to a new guy in this simply amazing gay sex scene today. The guy that’s getting all the anal action got to choose his new name for today and it seems that the mature stud with gray hair is really proud of him. Well he’s going to do his best to reward him with an experience that he won’t soon forget and it’s assured that he’s going to want more of it too in the future. Let the show go on and let’s get to see another horny couple of studs having a passionate fuck for the afternoon!


The scene starts off with the new guy waiting patiently in the all white room for this other guy to arrive. Well not soon after he does, and first order of business is some gratification. Watch the older guy take the dude’s pants and underwear off and see him sucking his cock to get him even more aroused. Of course that it worked like a charm for this new guy and you can then enjoy seeing him fully undressed and bent over. Take your time to watch him moan in pleasure as he gets his tight ass stuffed with a big cock. By the end of it all he wanted more and more but he’s going to have to be patient about it. Have fun with it and do come back next week for some more fresh content!

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