Anal Inspection

Another fresh week and time to watch some more mormonboyz action go down eh? Well as you all know, this site is the perfect place to come and drop by for a visit when you want to take your time watching some sexy guys getting some cock in their asses. It’s always a treat to see the action go down and this scene is titled perfectly. This guy has been known for smuggling stuff during session hours and it seems that the older dude knows just how to perform an inspection on him. After the first time he caught him and used his cock on his tight ass to check nice and deep he didn’t ever do it again. But it seems that they both ended up enjoying the mandatory check-up.


The guys just use that as an excuse every time to retreat to the office and just have some hard style gay sex without anyone interrupting them. You get to see them retreat quietly and fast to the said office and once there the door is locked. They get straight down to business as the culprit drops his pants and bends over the table. See the other guy starting to fuck him nice and hard in the ass and watch as the guy moans. One thing’s for sure, and that’s that that cock checked that nice ass deep and thorough and nothing was there once again. Great scene and do check out some of the past galleries as well for even more sexy gay studs fucking hard as well!

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