Companionship Inventory

Another fresh week and it’s time to check out some more mormonboyz in action. Well this one brings you two guys that were suppose to get busy this afternoon with other things but it seems that they got really side tracked. Naturally, that side tracking involves some hot gay sex and we know that you will just adore it too. Long story short, they were suppose to inventory the back room and see what supplies they needed during the meeting. They went for it no objections as it provides some time away from the boring meeting. So let’s see these two mormon boyz in action in that back room, getting to do what ever they want without getting disturbed.

Like we mentioned, the rest of the attendees were not going to disturb them so the two had all the time in the world to do what ever they felt like in there to be honest. They lock the door of course and they find a nice comfy bed inside as well. After some undressing and the classy caressing, you can watch them going wild on each other’s cocks. Sit back and see the great scene with them as they get to suck each other’s  man meat for a ling while and then you can have the pleasure of seeing some hard style anal action getting done as well by the end. Superb scene and do make sure to check out some of the past galleries as well for more sexy studs fucking hard!

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